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To help you realize your investment goals, we offer a wide spectrum of investment management strategies.  Our investment strategies are forged from experience; strong enough to prevail against adversity, yet flexible enough to catch the winds of fortune.  Whether your priority is safety of principal or maximum sustainable growth, we’re fully prepared to take you exactly where you want to be.

Investment Management

The particular mix of securities in a portfolio should complement specific investment goals as well as the client's risk tolerance.  At Sheeley & Partners, we rigorously examine hundreds of potential holdings, using the latest analytical tools to quickly gather and organize critical information.  As an example, the quality factor component utilizes traditional methods to evaluate data, identifying superior companies whose revenue and earnings histories are consistently strong and whose management makes prudent business decisions that benefit shareholders.

Quality along with other factors lead us to a multi-factor combination of strategies.  Although alluring, quality alone is insufficient to be the single factor in the construction of portfolios.  From various factors, including the aforementioned quality, we then select investments whose attributes are especially attractive and which, most importantly, match your objectives.  We then closely monitor each investment's progress, reallocating assets when appropriate.

Portfolios are constructed from an economic rationale for diversified sources of return.  They utilize a combination of stocks, individual bonds, and broadly diversified smart beta and multi-factor exchange-traded-funds (ETFs), and to a lesser extent, specialized mutual funds.

Wealth Planning

Our Wealth Portal provides holistic management and analysis of your finances.  It is a one stop shop for your complete financial picture.  It includes updated values of your personal assets (real estate, mortage, car, personal bank accounts, and more) as well as the updated values of your invested assets that we manage for you.  Our Wealth Portal in combination with our individualized wealth management plan allows our clients to understand their complete financial situation at all times.  "Those who know where they are, fair better than those who do not." ~ Emoney


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